today we test how much you and jenny really know about the kardashians / jenners – in the which kardashian-jenner is which quiz !!!

the kardashians and jenners are always in the news and deffo a lot so recently, so what better subject for our TRENDING THURSDAY segment ?
can you beat jenny ? we are quite certain you can !
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good morning !

we’re the mustards and our mission in life is to serve you up some freshly squeezed morning entertainment in our show MORNINGS WITH THE MUSTARDS !

our show runs mon-fri :
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now before you ask – no, mustard isn’t our real last names. in fact we’re not even married. we do have real names however, jenny and david. not too shabby as names go huh ?

from our very hygge berlin apartment, we talk about anything a couple of swedish vegan minimalist feminist movie nerds could possibly find interesting.

other than that, we just want to wish you a good start to the day really.

or like we say in sweden, GOD MORGON !

// jenny & david


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