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In this video I’ll tell you “what is the red pill” and why a lot of MGTOW guys get it wrong.

So what happened is that we now have a lot of these factions and divisions behind the red pill. But first What is the Red Pill? the Red Pill originate first from the movie the “Matrix” where Morphius gives Neo a choice to either take the Blue Pill and go back to his normal life and forget everything or take the Red Pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes!

And so this whole concept of being Red Pilled is seeing the uncomfortable truth about society and specifically about women. So why do we need to be “Red Pilled?”

The reason is simple, you see a lot of guys have been brought up by Disney, romantic notions, soft love stories and have miss conceptions about the female psychology how to women act and how to get women! that seems like the right way to do, but it’s not because they don’t understand the psychology of women, they don’t understand the biological evolution that ended up getting us where we are.

What ends up happening is that a lot of these guys end up alone and being rejected by women, never finding their “true love”, or they end up basically like this guy who has been taken advantage of, that doesn’t get sex anymore, that doesn’t know what he is doing wrong, maybe getting cheated on and getting laughed on. Because the woman isn’t really attracted to this guy.

The problem is that he doesn’t understand why, he is getting her flowers, buying her gifts, treating her good telling her how much he loves her, being the nice guy and ect…

And that’s where a lot of people think the term red pill originate from, mostly from Rollo Tomassi’s book The Rational Male (which all of you guy should read it).

So here you will start sing yourself, what about loyalty? what about all the sacrifices I made? what about all the years I’ve spent nurturing this relationship? well it doesn’t matter! because hypergamy is a biological type of programming that’s very very very difficult to overcome, women are going to want to follow it because it will insure the survival of the human race.

The way I’m presenting this, when I talk about Red Pill stuff it’s in a very neutral way, I don’t have any anger or animosity about these things, it’s just nature.

The issue that I have right now with a lot of MGTOW and manosphere has gone in, it is not good, it is vengeful. You see this is nature, this is reality this is the way of society.

You see the reality (and this is present a lot in the Red Pill thinking and Rollo Tomassi’s work) is that society is gonna be mostly end up SJW, leftist place where political correctness is stamped out and the government is more beneficial to women and the feminist ideals. It had to become this way, because that creates stability, it creates situations where women are no longer dependent on men, and behave in ways that were not socially acceptable before, that could be interpreted as cruel, but it’s not it’s just natural behavior and adaptation to the time.

You see I don’t like some of these things, but it is where the pieces on the board are, at this particular time.

Red Pill, for me it means to be aware of this reality. It doesn’t mean you have to like it or dislike it, but being a neutral to this where you see things clearly and play your pieces to the best you can where what you’ve got!

And how it is like, that’s how it is! And you end up having it on both sides the SJW, feminist embarrassing the Victim Mindset and changing society by shaming everyone and mold people to what they want, thinking that the bad things will go away.

And it’s the same thing on the other extreme with the MGTOW guys, where they want to change society and women, they want them stop hypergamy, they want society to stop being feminist, and again they want to take the victim Mindset… chere you are blaming women, their nature and society for failing with the opposite sex.

As for me Red Pill, is not about being ignorant and overly reactive to the extreme, but rather being aware and knowledgeable about the subject and trying to make the best out of it, try to make the optimal move by focusing on you!

Sot that what the Red Pill is for me, and how to be Red Pilled!

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