*STEP-BY-STEP RITUAL (Basic level) @16:23

The Little Mermaid is Black.
Apparently, this has made people upset, lol.


That means free energy.

Anytime the Masses are in an uproar about anything, that means free energy is there for the taking.

This is the occult purpose behind false flag events, shootings, terrorist attacks, Media/Celebrity drama, racial drama, political drama…

Anything that will cause a huge surge of emotional upset can and WILL be used to incite a harvest of energy.

Now that we know this… we don’t get involved in the giving.
We get involved in the TAKING.

This video will walk you through the concept.

Low Key Vampyrism.

Mental Transmutation.

Praise to Yemeya.
Praise to Mami Wata.
Praise to Madre de Agua.
Praise to Vepar.

Praise to me(you).

Halle Bailey is the black little mermaid
This ties into the Orishas, the Goetia, the Palos… The seven African Powers… All that.

Let’s get it!



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