Here’s a little, unedited ramble on this great convention. I’m doing these daily, so they’ll be a little rough and ready. But that’s half the fun.

Fron Vanishing Inc

The Session is the best close-up magic convention in the UK. Full stop. It was started thirteen years ago, in Gloucestershire, back when it was just a bunch of friends trying to make the sort of convention they wanted to go to. One that wasn’t too big. One that actively encouraged sessioning. One where the performers actually wanted to hang with the attendees.

How often would you be able to just chat with Chris Kenner and get his help on your Three Fly in the bar? Where else could you get a selfie with Tamariz, Dynamo, or Derren Brown? How amazing would it be to be able to talk about comedy timing with Mac King over breakfast?

That’s what happens at The Session. You’ll be encouraged to hang with your heroes and be blown away by people you’ve not heard of.

We sell out every single year. With guests like Juan Tamariz, Derren Brown, David Blaine, Troy, Ben Hanlin, Daniel Madison and Roberto Giobbi it’s easy to see why.