Ever wonder how to get sponsored? In this episode of Unfiltered, I talk about sponsorships in the cannabis industry. I talk about ways to get sponsors, affiliate programs, selling, out, and how much your channel is worth. I also got the Owner of Happy Hydro, Chris, to join in and talk about what he looks for when he sponsors growers. Welcome to my new talk show UNFILTERED! Don’t forget to click that like button if you enjoyed this episode 🙂

0:00 – Intro
2:56 – My Background
4:45 – How Sponsorships and Legalization are related
6:33 – How Much Is Your Channel Worth?
11:05 – Affiliate Programs
12:08 – Ways To Get Sponsored
18:25 – Don’t Sell Out!

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Outro: Christopher Shorooi – Tales (Instrumental Version)