As we enter the Spring Equinox and Persian New Year, we also enter a global shift that will ripple out into lifetimes.

Right now might feel impossible to see the light above the darkness, as so many of us are feeling such fear, isolation, financial strain, or lack of support for our families.⁣⁣

Fear of the unknown during these times can be crippling.

Take the time to feel this fear.
Then, take your power back and go beyond it.

Beneath the fear is the glow of our own inner knowing✨ Finding our center is a crucial skill now, and can even be a matter of life and death in these moments.

But it is in these extreme situations where we are gifted the opportunity to change.
It is in these moments where we must confront our shadow and become the Shamans of our own lives.

A moment
A deep breath
A recognition
A knowing

This is the Art of Allowing.

“The Art of Allowing (Theta Wave Meditation) by Shiva:

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