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Angie and Chad happen to catch the famous Game of War commercial featuring Kate Upton, and get transported in to their own battle. A rap battle, Woman vs. Man! Who will win?

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“Horsemen Public” Facebook group:
Raynor: Cape wearing guy with the plume (Dalton Tyrel Punahele Burger)
Kara: Female fighter (Paige Smith)
Ajax: Metal tears on his helmet (Brian Cole)
Bran: Skinny guy who got his throat slit (Brandon Audet)
Heldin: Hammer wielding guy (Christopher Suniga)
Miko: The big guy with only one shoulder guard (Jeff Roper Jr)
Verina: (Verina Caelistia)
Colette: (Portia Kincaid)
Ingrid: (Amanda Ingridr Weigand Vidarsdottir)

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Game of War Lyrics

We build
And we battle
And we cover the land
Then we attack
The Game of War
We defeat
And we conquer
The world’s in our hands
We take command
The Game of War

Rap 1
Shield up ‘cause i’m ready to take ya down
Why you hold a grudge when i’m ready to take the crown?
We could fight together but you won’t stop bitchin’!
If you can’t take the heat, then get back in the kitchen!
Now this is the deadly fate that you’re witnessing
Hear your troops die? Oh wait… you’re not listening
While your city burns, i’m on a global conquest!
But you didn’t even notice ‘cause you’re staring at my chest


Rap 2
Another win because my game is so deadly
But of course you missed it all taking so long to get ready
Hmm i see you walked right in to my trap
And now you don’t know where to go ‘cause you’re too stubborn to look at the map
Why would you ever doubt my Monster Skills?
Why don’t you check the board, who has more kills?
i see you lost again, let me guess you’re gonna cry.
I see you have a small army, that’s about your size.

Rap 3
Plan quickly, build quickly or be destroyed
I can rain fire so it’s good that you’re paranoid – Chad
I can aim without missin’ so i’m sittin’ on a victory – Angie
You can try ‘n deny it, my alliance is making history – Chad
I can be the hero, wish you were this fast
I can be the one to build an empire that lasts
Everyone can sit and wonder while i take over the whole world. –
It’s The Game Of….