‘Poker Bowl- Battle of the Mags’ comprises of seven players, all from different destinations from all around the world. These poker players have come from the magazines after winning the online poker matches with those magazines.

The Battle of Mags starts with Tina Walker on the first seat. She is 37 years of age and has four years of experience in poker. She comes from Worcester.
Ronan Mclaughlin is 34 years old and has only year of playing poker. He comes from Letterkenny. On third seat is Grzegorz Swieboda from Poland. He has been playing poker for two years now. John Donnelly, aged 50, has experience of two years playing poker and comes from Portmor. Lars Henrik takes the next search with two years of experience in poker under his belt. John Duffy, 36, has been playing poker for five years and comes from Cork. He is the most experienced player in this poker bowl. Krzysztof Zajac from Poland is the youngest player on this poker table. Tom Sambrook is director of poker bowl show for TV.

Poker is a card game, which suits various occasions including poker at parties and poker with family. The different variations of the game make it possible to hold poker parties with something new every time. Even if you keep playing the same poker version every time, you are still going to love playing poker due to the high levels of excitement.

00:45 Player profiles for poker bowl
01:55 Poker battle begins
02:40 Tina calls with Ace queen on the button
04:15 Lars comes in for a raise
06:50 Krzysztof gives up sitting blind and gets into the game
11:20 John Duffy thinks he has the best hand
12:00 Tense moments for John Duffy
13:10 We lose John Duffy