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Warning: Videos might contain strong language, mild violence and sexual themes.
English and German subtitles are available for this episode.

A family full of dark secrets: Aya Mammini is a wicked witch with her very own criminal organisation, her vampire son Tiamo steals your spotlight by day and your blood by night, little Wilbica isn’t quite as innocent as she looks, and their pet familiar is a Bitch in more than one way. Spreading mischief and misery just for their personal amusement, they have no idea that they’re being manipulated by a shadowy figure even more cunning than them, and that the world they’ve known will soon come apart.

EPISODE 04: Shades of Magic
While helping out the mayor with her newest project, Tiamo reminisces about his life before becoming both famous and a vampire, and meets an old friend.

Charmaine’s house: “Tiny Tudor” by lilsimsie
Unholy Church: “Church of Night” by thecreeperbomb99 / 19Chappers99
Modified for the show’s purposes

Background vampire’s dark hair: Innocence hair by KiaraZurk
Editor’s vampire hair: Diana Hair by Natalia-Auditore
Editor’s white braid: Lara hair by Loverett
Tiamo’s leather outfit: Joker jacket by Helsoseira, Blow PVC Pants by SrslySims
Spellcasting for Children Mod by Cepzid

If you spot any other CC in this episode not listed here, please let me know so I can give credit to the creator.