Hello Friends today’s business video is about scrap business : New Business Ideas 2019 | 15 LAKH हर महीना| | New idea for business | Scrap Business in India

I will tell about Copper wire scrap business . It is a profitable business and the business will not run in loss in any situation. Because copper is a valuable metal.

From this video you will know –

1. How to do copper scrap business?
2. From where you will buy copper scrap raw materials?
3. What machines requires and from where to buy?
4. How to sell ready products (copper scrap )? Where to sell products?
And all other necessary things.

In this business you will also get the opportunity to sell the PVC plastic coating of the copper wire (Insulator ) into the market. you will get near about 60 to 80 rupees per KG for the PVC material also. So there will be no rejected products in this business.

I will request you all to watch the video till end and let me know if you have a question by commenting below.