My Brand New Iphone 8 PLUS (Rose Gold) unboxing/setup.. what did my old iphone 6s (gold) look like.

I am so happy to be able to share this experience with you guys! I just am a TECH freak literally. If you could date a computer or A apple product…. That would be me. I cannot live without a iphone. I do not remember what life was like with an android phone. TBH i feel so sorry for anyone who has to endure a android phone. I love apple iphones. I have had about every iphone since the iphone 3. lol But i have never had an iphone 8 plus anything before lol my old iphone is a iphone 6s. and the only cool thing about it was lol that it had a lot of storage. But honestly you guys it was on its last leg. My Fiance saved the day by getting met this new Rose Gold Iphone 8 plus! I told him thank you so much lol he knows how much it means to me and im just so thankful to have someone like him in my life. This is a turnaround period for us you guys! we have better quality everything lol. I am so excited to experience this with you all!!!


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