Hi! This is a subliminal for manifesting a gold iPhone 8 Plus

✧༺♥༻✧༺♥༻ ✧

This subliminal includes affirmations for:
•Manifesting the gold iPhone 8 Plus
•Manifest an OtterBox along with the iPhone 8 Plus
•Manifest the gold iPhone 8 Plus in Planck’s time

✧༺♥༻✧༺♥༻ ✧

Forced affirmations:

•Manifest results when you talk, walk, move, blink, touch anything, sit, stand, or do anything.
•The universe is sending you an iPhone 8 Plus this instant.

*:..。o . Advice . o。..:*
•Pair this sub with a booster
•Stay hydrated
•Listen at 20% to 45% volume
•If you hear voices, turn it downnn!
•Try not to obsess over results, just chill~
•Yes, you can download this