Our beloved Soror VIRAKAM, feeling the hoodwink of her
inexperience in Practical Magick, has asked me to take up the work
of obtaining this book from the lips of Frater Perdurabo. Conscious
of my own defects, I yet yielded to her insistence, and most
earnestly thank and bless her for the privilege conferred.
The bravest as the sweetest of all the women I have known, she
has now, at the suggestion of the Master, entered the harem of a
Turk in order to study Mohammedan methods of Mysticism and
Blessed among women be her name unto the ages!
I have done my best to cross-examine Frater Perdurabo on all
points of difficulty that have occurred in my own working, and I
have been incomparably blest by the instruction, and yet more by
the Initiation, which I have received.
However, it has proved impossible to confine Part III to such
elementary thought as the former parts. Remonstrance has only
drawn from Frater Perdurabo the reply that He has it in mind to say
these things, and that they had better be said now, lest He forget to
say them at some other time.
This must be my excuse to any who find portions of this Part III
difficult to understand. Let them take courage; practice and
progress will make all clear as it is glorious. It is earth that breeds
the clouds that hide the sun. Let them leave earth; they will find
Him, the source of all Light