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Making a quick video about self-confidence & plastic surgery. Recently I opened my snap chat and I saw an article on Khloe Kardashian and was instantly drawn to the article because of her body – duh. Let’s make one thing clear, I think that her body is hot. You can tell she works out but you can also tell that her booty has been altered. No shade or hate with that comment. I believe that everyone should be able to do whatever they desire in terms of having work done if it makes them happy. I had my breast augmentation 8 years ago after becoming a mother. My breasts were sagging like I was an 87-year-old woman. Not cool.

My concern is about women and very young women and girls trying to achieve unattainable bodies without surgery. I think that people in the public eye should be more transparent about the work that they’ve had done. Most importantly, YOU should not be comparing yourself to anyone. Stand in your own greatness!


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