In this video today we’re gonna be going to be going over how to be successful and how to win in season 7 of Fortnite. We’re specifically going to be focusing on the new gameplay changes that were introduced as part of the season 7 patch 7.00 update and what impact they have on the game as a whole. This update wasn’t as major in terms of gameplay changes as some people hoped, but there was definitely still a lot. We got a bunch of new mobility items including the new Fortnite airplane (X-4 stormwing airplane), zipline, and a major buff to balloons. On top of that an entire quarter of the map was almost entirely replaced with a new biome and 3 new towns were added to Fortnite in season 7: happy hamlet, polar peak, and frostly flights. Plus a bunch of items and weapons were either vaulted or changed. All of these changes in season 7 are going to play a major role in the meta. So, hopefully this video will help you guys get better at Fortnite and be able to win in season 7. I hope you guys enjoy!

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