Hey guys, in this video today we will be talking about how to win more solo games in fortnite. Solo matches in Fortnite are definitely the most difficult type of match to win, because it tests not only your skill but other player’s skill as well. It shows if you’re capable of beating a top tier player, and in solo matches you don’t have any of your friends to back you up. So in today’s fortnite tips video, I will be giving you guys fortnite solo tips to help you get more wins! These fortnite tips will help you guys win more solo games in fortnite. If you do have any questions about winning fortnite solo games, drop them in the comment section below. I love playing Fortnite solo matches, solos are my favorite gamemode to play. They’re fun, and I like to drop a lot of eliminations. What’s your favorite gamemode in Fortnite?