Hey from the future, I’m String and I love Fried Chicken!

Here are 3 growth hack tactics to grow your LinkedIn channel.
I went from 900 to 20k followers in 8 months.

This year, I won Top Voice on LinkedIn (again). And I’m going to share you 3 mega tips to optimize your LinkedIn (AND VIDEO0 so you can be the #1 niche in your industry.

Gone are the days of LinkedIn being a resume platform, it’s become a content driven feed and the opportunity to share your thoughts with 500million users worldwide.

Be a voice.
Not an echo.
Be a channel.

Make sure you subscribe to this channel for some pretty awesome geek out interviews. In 2017, I have interviewed startup founder and entrepreneurs like Gary Vee, Kabam and SXSW’s Hugh Forrest and I plan to do more geek outs too.

In 2018, I traveled around the world. And I won LinkedIn’s Top Voice again.

2019, we’re going global with fried chicken parties, and growth hacks some video, and help other founders and thought leaders build their presence online.

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