This is like smokin in the future…. this thing is too damn awesome !!!
Stunden Glass came over to do a demonstration of their product… this just went on sale to the public and people are gunna love it.

This is basically a high end gravity bong…we have all made em in our bathrooms with 2-liters and shit…. except this actually taste good.
The function is so cool to watch , I don’t know why but I could watch the smoke fill up all day.

You prolly saw Seth Rogan post this a while back on his Instagram (thats the first place I saw it). I ran into Stunden Glass at an event and I got to hit it a few months back but actually getting to take time and smoke it at my own house is DOPE !

A day or 2 after filming this the owner text me to meet up with him before he left town….I showed up and they had a piece for me !!! I couldn’t believe it , thank you guys so much !!! I set it up at my house literally 30 minutes later and I haven’t stopped using it yet… THANK YOU STUNDEN GLASS !

If you want to order your own click this link to go directly to their site

Front Page

—Use code” DopeasYola” at checkout for a discount—

Instagram : @StundenGlass

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We just hit 50,000 subscribers….I FUCKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!
I promise the 50k video is going to be EPIC……trust me.

Thank you for watching The Futuristic Gravity Bong Review

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