Cerebrolysin: The Pig Brain Peptide Nootropic

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============ Topics of Interest ============
@0:32 What is it
* Peptides purified from pig brains,
* small enough to penetrate blood brain barrier
* Enhances neurogenesis:
* BDNF (Brain-derived),
* GDNF (Glial Cell-derived),
* NGF (Nerve),
* CNTF (Ciliary)
* Possibility decreases lactic acid more efficiently (Cori Cycle/Astrocyte-neuron lactate shuttle hypothesis)
* Decreases neuroinflammation by decrease lactic acidosis
* Brain needs less oxygen
* Seems to inhibit apoptosis

@3:10 Used for
* Mostly studied outside of the United States
* Alzheimer’s
* Acute Ischemic Stroke
* Vascular Dementia
* Nootropic: increase in cognition
* Fatigue and brain fog
* Increase in Alpha brain state

@4:15 Side Effects/Safety
* Several studies showing up to 3 years of use
* Injection can also be contaiminated
* Headaches
* Dizziness
* Anxiety
* Agitation
* Weight Loss

@5:40 Dose/Administration
* 1ml a day at 215mg/ml SQ for 30 days
* Most studies are using IV

@6:10 Contraindications
* Allergy
* Cancer
* Autoimmune

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