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There are so many facts about India that many people are not aware of. This is our list of 10 such mind boggling facts about India:
1. The earliest cotton was spun and woven in India: While rest of the World was still dressing up like Flintstones, Indians learned to weave cotton and silk to make amazing fabrics that soon became popular in most parts of the World.

2. Both Hindu and India are actually Foreign Words: Strange as it might sound but the name of our majority religion as well as our country are of foreign origin. The word Sindhu in Sanskrit literally means river. When Greeks invaded India, they misspelled Sindhu as Indu and Muslim invaders of the 12th Century thought Indu actually referred to the people living beyond the river. The word “Indu” gradually evolved to be called Hindu by Muslims and India by Europeans.

3. Varanasi is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the World today: Evidences of urban population dating back to the bronze age can still be found in the city. Unlike most ancient cities that have either perished or exist only in our imaginations, Varanasi still continues to thrive as a popular cultural destination.

4. Tea was not introduced to India by British: Almost our national drink now, apparently we have been sipping chai (tea) ever since the 12th century CE (AD) and it was introduced to India by Chinese travelers of that time. British only capitalised the opportunity to beat Chinese monopoly in tea export industry and they started giving out land for free to any Britisher willing to export tea to England.

5. Tirupati is the World’s largest religious destination: Though the origins of temple are not known, it has been under conservation of various kingdoms of south India since 10th century. Popular than even Vatican and Mecca, an average of over 50,000 visitors donate up to 6 billion US dollars to the temple everyday. Sometimes the donations are so high that the temple management weighs currency instead of counting it.

6. Navi-Mumbai is the World’s largest planned township: Developed in 1972 to decongest Mumbai, the plan of Navi-Mumbai is bigger than even Las-Vegas, Brasilia or several planned urbanization projects underway in the middle east.

7.Indian railways carries more than the entire population of Australia every day:Carrying more than 2.3 crore passengers everyday this largest employer of the World sells more than 8.4 billion tickets annually almost 7 times the total population of our country itself.

8. Indian women collectively own almost 12% of the total gold ever mined: worth more than a whooping 1.2 trillion US dollars, Indian women own more than 20,000 tonnes of gold. This amount is more than the total gold reserves of USA, Germany, IMF and Italy combined.At 500 tonnes, the gold reserves of Indian government are merely 2.5% of the total gold owned by women in India.

9. Taj Mahal was once embedded with diamonds, precious stones and solid gold: As many as 28 different varieties of semi-precious and precious stones were used Taj’s inlay work. During India’s 1st freedom struggle of 1857, British soldiers looted all precious stones and gold embedded on the Taj. Taj was later restored in 1908 by Lord Curzon.However the stolen gems and gold were replaced with brass and cheap colored stones.

10.Women in India are safer than they are in US or UK:
Number of rapes in the US and & UK are almost 10 times in percentage of population. Of 1.2 billion people, 24000 rapes are reported every year while many more go unreported. In the US however, this number is over a popping 90000 for a population of mere 300 million whereas even in the US almost 50% rapes still go unreported.So the next time you meet scared tourists, tell them to feel safe and enjoy the beauty of India and its wonderful people.

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