Bitcoin going over $1,000 , and what Deloitte reports of Bitcoin – Interviewing Max Kaizer

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Bitcoin going over $1,000 as it captures the world markets! Interview with Max Kaizer

Here is a summary of what was discussed…

Bitcoin will be trading up from $1000, $2000, $5000, $10,000.
Bitcoin will soon capture 1-10% of the Forex market.
When this will mean bitcoin will be equivalent to $10,000 to $100,000 per bitcoin.
55 Billion Hedge funder Novogratz says Bitcoin will be “Worth A Lot”
Max Kaizer became aware of Bitcoin since it was USD1 and has recommended his viewers since
Bitcoin was $5. Bitcoin is now the best peforming asset.
Bitcoin is an Asset class like Stocks, Bonds, Gold Silver, Real Estate.
Max Kaiser also mentiones that these Billion Dollar Hedgefunds will want exposure to Bitcoin
or its infrustracture to remain competitive in Investment returns.
Only after these Hedge funds start coming into Bitcoin will its price start realizing
levels in the five and six digits.
Novogratz also sees it as a potential payment system in competition to remittance,
credit card and paypal.
Deloitte’s reports Bitcoin penetratng into developing countries such as Kenya.
Also reported by Deloitte is that if Bitcoin goes mainsream, then the implications
will be seismic which will impact traditional banking and international transfers.
Max Kaiser adds that those that have not bought bitoin, will start buying once
bitcoin exceeds $1000.

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