14 Hottest “Bad” Girls

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Celebrities are humans like us but just because a person is famous doesn’t mean they don’t get charged for their committed crimes. Join us as we have a look at some of the hottest female celebrities with a criminal past.

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Like any normal human being, celebrities sometimes find themselves in a bit of trouble, but when a celeb, especially a hot A-lister, ends up in jail, everyone finds out and the story forever lurks in the infiniteness of the internet.

Lindsay Lohan
One of the most popular female celebrities to get into trouble on multiple occasions is Lindsay Lohan. She was first arrested in 2007 for being found under the influence after getting into a car accident.

Paris Hilton
This Simple Life star leads a little more complex life than we thought. Even daddy’s money can’t keep her out of trouble.

Nicole Richie
Next on our list is Hilton’s BFF, Nicole Richie. Although all charges were dropped, Richie’s arrest streak started in 2002 after she was arrested for getting in a fight in a NYC nightclub.

While Snooki probably should have gotten arrested for her lack of class, her attitude is what got this Jersey Shore babe into trouble.

Khloe Kardashian
The only thing we need to do to keep up with this Kardashian is check the tabloids, and when you do, you’ll see that Khloe isn’t an angel.

Amanda Bynes
Like Lohan, Bynes has found herself in a bind on multiple occasions. Her law-breaking streak started in 2012 when she was ticketed for talking on a cell phone while driving.

Heather Locklear
This arrest story is not one you hear about every day. Actress Heather Locklear was speeding down a highway in California when she suddenly stopped her car, blocked traffic, and made a ruckus all because she didn’t feel like driving anymore.

Yasmine Bleeth
This Baywatch bombshell didn’t just break men’s hearts–she broke the law, too.

Naomi Campbell
Supermodel Naomi Campbell’s been in a bit of trouble too. This runway and TV star has a bit of a temper.

Mischa Barton
This drama TV star sure got a dose of reality. Barton was arrested in 2007 for a DUI, the possession of marijuana, and driving with an invalid license.

Nicki Minaj
Before she became the ever-popular Nicki Minaj, she was the arrested Onika Maraj.

Carmen Electra
This bodacious bombshell isn’t the good girl she appears to be.

Stephanie Pratt
This hot TV star has more than stolen goods up her sleeve. Mrs. Pratt was arrested in 2006 for shoplifting over 1,000 dollars worth of products, but later, she admitted that drugs were involved.

Lil Kim
Lil Kim served a lotta time behind bars for trying to cover up her friends. After Lil Kim ran into Capone-N-Noreaga, a rapper that clearly dissed her in one of his songs, and his entourage, a shootout ensues, injuring one.

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